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2018 Tempranillo

Our story starts with the desire to feed the soil, then to grow the food and fruit with no chemical influence.  Natural process agriculture is the model we are following. Paying close to attention to the plants, while embracing natures elements. This system is an abrupt transition from what we've known and practiced for years as "conventional".


Fighting mother nature in the garden has driven me mad in the past and it only makes biological sense that my efforts were unsustainable and futile.

- James Duxbury

Looking for the perfect grape for your next winemaking venture? Look no further than our wine grapes. Available each fall, these grapes are perfect for creating delicious, homemade wine. From bold and robust to light and crisp, we have a variety of grapes for every taste. Call or text now and start crafting your very own vintage! Pricing still to come.      

                                                      208 283 8147

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